Types of Detox Diets

In order to eliminate all those toxins from your body, you need to do two things. 1 – Stop putting bad foods and drinks in your body. BAD FOOD IS TOXIC. 2 – Put good foods and drinks in your body. YES – Good Food is good for you. Sounds simple, I know. But millions… [Continue Reading]

Types of Detox Diets

How to Detox Your Body with Exercise

Which healthy living tips are you following?

Running to get rid of body toxins

Detoxification – Seven Ways Your Body Eliminates Waste

By Joseph Nykoluk: Maintaining health is a complex system to master. In order to stay healthy your body needs to be able to get rid of waste. If your body cannot eliminate this waste, then your body becomes toxic. To eliminate these toxins the body has seven different ways of elimination. Once you understand the… [Continue Reading]


Healthy Living Tips For Kids

by Isabelle S. Mihajlov Which healthy living tips are you following? What about your kids? Do you help them to follow a healthy lifestyle? Did you know that if your body is too acidic or even too alkaline, you can be more susceptible to diseases and illnesses than if your body  was more in balance. … [Continue Reading]

Healthy Kids

Herbal Detox – Cleansing Herbs for a Healthy Body

We can’t escape the fact that our world is full of toxins. Because these toxins can adversely affect our health, body detox herbs can be a very effective solution to our health and well being. Pesticides, chemicals and even fumes from jet fuel are so prevalent in our society that our immune system is suffering… [Continue Reading]

Herbal Detox
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